Adam Roberts – Multidisciplinary Designer & Developer in Sheffield, UK Adam Roberts – Multidisciplinary Designer & Developer in Sheffield, UK
Interactive Designer & Developer
Born 22.04.1988 Zone Music: Vocal Trance

Quality XHTML

Personal Project

Skills used: Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development

In late 2007 I created a service that designers and agencies could rely on to do their front-end development for websites and applications. The company ran for 2 years before being sold.

QualityXHTML became well known in many countries for its stunning design and is still remembered today.

Some designers don’t know how to code or don’t have the time, for themselves or for their customers. So a team was put together, to help them focus on what they do best – design.

I hand drew all the visual elements, the leaves, greenery and flowers. I then recreated them in digital form, with shadows and lighting to give it a more realistic effect.

The website structure was simple and straightforward, which was exactly what was needed. I then developed a project system with PHP / MySQL that handled the file transfers, payments, invoices and task management.

QualityXHTML Graphic Design by Adam Roberts
QualityXHTML Website Design by Adam Roberts

When I was running the company I decided to created the wallpaper below in several resolutions which surprisingly received just over 3,400 downloads.

QualityXHTML Greencode Wallpaper by Adam Roberts