Adam Roberts – Multidisciplinary Designer & Developer in Sheffield, UK Adam Roberts – Multidisciplinary Designer & Developer in Sheffield, UK
Interactive Designer & Developer
Born 22.04.1988 Zone Music: Vocal Trance


Studio: Grilled Pixels

Skills used: Branding, UX, Website Design & Development

My own Dad is a wildlife photographer and has been getting some recognition for his work. He's won several awards and has had his photos appear on websites such as the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Project: Branding & Identity

The launch of the new website required my Dad to have some form of identity. The shape of the identity was made by a couple of people I’ve worked with on previous projects, Jeroen Van Eerden and Kaspar Van Eerden (Brothers). We went through a couple of concepts before coming to this one and it was this that made the cut. I then made some slight modifications to it (top right).

Photoscoper Identity by Adam Roberts

After the identity was in place, I then proceeded with some branding exploration.

Photoscoper Brand Exploration - Stationary by Adam Roberts

Project: Website Design & Development

The website is to do 2 things. Showcase his photography collection in galleries and give him the ability to sell photos with a shop as either digital downloads or prints. I spent a good amount of time crafting a branded experience that did both those goals side-by-side.

When I presented the the design work he was completely over the moon and was astonished with what it was like compared to his peers. “Wait til you see it live Dad!”

The project has been going on for some time due to other constraints but I did recently finished the front-end development and WordPress integration. I’m currently looking for someone who’s more advanced at PHP than I that can help finish the project. So, that being said, here’s a look at some of the design work.

Photoscoper Website Design by Adam Roberts
Photoscoper Website Design by Adam Roberts
Photoscoper Responsive Website Design by Adam Roberts

I’ll update this page with video very soon.