Adam Roberts – Multidisciplinary Designer & Developer in Sheffield, UK Adam Roberts – Multidisciplinary Designer & Developer in Sheffield, UK
Interactive Designer & Developer
Born 22.04.1988 Zone Music: Vocal Trance


Agency: Whitespace

Skills used: UX, Website Design, Front-end Development

My first project at Whitespace and part of my interview, was a huge task of designing a full eCommerce website for Crestwood, a supplier for kitchen components. Their previous website had become dated, much like the colour choices. However, for my interview I had the freedom to explore over approximately 3 days and to present an initial concept. After all the effort, I was thankfully invited to join them.

Project: An ecommerce website; kitchen components and decorative hardware sourcing tool for independent retailers, manufacturers and tradesmen

What I call the pre-process, the time where I would explore and research, throw ideas at my whiteboard, draw concepts in my dot grid book, I created something that I felt was completely – on the mark!

Crestwood Process / Ideation
Crestwood Homepage Full

During my first couple of weeks at Whitespace I then began to continue the Crestwood project and resulted in forming a suite of elements include an alternative homepage hero that would be used on the new intended website.

Crestwood Pre Process Styleguide

At this point in the project, myself and the director presented the work to the client. They were impressed, but had previously settled on a slightly different colour scheme. The black and greys were fine, but it was the gold that didn’t hit the mark. “Mucky brown” was the phrase used at this time and I was forced to change it.

There were also some discussions made regarding the initial hero concepts. These unique and creative styles didn’t do it for them, they wanted something different “not much help here”.

Be hold the new direction…

Crestwood New Styleguide
Crestwood Website Design by Adam Roberts

Want to see more? Visit Crestwood Live.

There were approximately 25 pages designed and iterated over the course the project. The project was designed solely by me. Front-end development was done by Maria Theodoropoulou and myself. Sadly she passed away February 26th, 2015 and to contribute to her efforts I created this memorial piece to remember her by. She was such a lovely lady and an excellent developer. In the graphic is a lot of the code that was written by her on this very project.

Maria Theodoropoulou Front End Developer