Adam Roberts – Multidisciplinary Designer & Developer in Sheffield, UK Adam Roberts – Multidisciplinary Designer & Developer in Sheffield, UK
Interactive Designer & Developer
Born 22.04.1988 Zone Music: Vocal Trance


Studio: Grilled Pixels

Skills used: Direction, Branding, Communication, Graphic Design, UI / UX, Website Design

Accredible is a company that provides amazing digital certificates to help course providers save time and money, as well as aid certificate recipients to achieve more such as obtain trust with potential new employers. Accredible came to me to seek help with their communication and visual design so they allowed me to explore a new way to represent themselves and grow their business. Whilst their current materials were working, I felt it wasn't quite right from a brand perspective.

Project: Branding & Identity

Myself and Joe Taylor worked on the brand identity, creating several different ideas. After the first presentation of the identity we figured it wasn’t quite right, so I went back to the drawing board. The initial feedback received from the client was great and after another round of exploration we cracked a mark that exemplified their current one. Below is the final identity and some other pieces from the branding work that I created.

Accredible Logo
Accredible Typography
Accredible Testimonial
Accredible Brand Presentation

This is a presentation deck for the branding work that I carried out and presented to the client.

Project: Website Design Concept

After the brand discovery and exploration work I then carried out the creation of a new website. I used the content from their current website and changed some of the headlines with new messaging that we¬†discovered in the brand process. I started with sketching wireframes for the featured pages then progressed on to the visual stage. After lot’s of experimenting and iterations, I presented the designs to the client using Invision.

For the entire project I had a 50 hour limit, to discover a new path for their business in terms of brand and web, which would provide them with visual and UX ideas to go forward with. They’re team are now working on implementing what I worked on. Here’s a look at a few top level pages.

Accredible Homepage Design
Accredible Features page
Accredible Pricing page

Grilled Pixels are concentrated design talent. They’re able to take a broad brief and iterate upon ideas to deliver top quality work. They’re very receptive to design feedback but aren’t afraid to give their opinion too. I’d highly recommend working with Grilled Pixels if you need a world-class designer. Alan Heppenstall, Accredible